Serene Themes designs with simplicity and professionalism in mind. Whether you’re building a website for your business or a personal blog. Serene Themes strives for a simple look.


Too much clutter is unappealing and your visitor will turn away at the first site of disorganization. Serene Themes makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your WordPress website.


Your visitors can view your site on any device whether it’s an android, iphone, tablet, or desktop. Serene Themes uses the most advanced responsive framework in the world called Zurb’s Foundation.

Serene Themes has Added an Extensive Options Panel to the Clean Yeti Theme Including:

Color Options:

  • Header and Footer Colors
  • Top Bar Color
  • Foundation’s Primary and Secondary Colors

Layout Options

  • Maximum Row Width
  • Left or Right Sidebar Position
  • Sidebar Width

And More..

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